About us

 Who we are:
Guy Sultan -  Guy is engulfed into the electronics business for over 10 years and a serial entrepreneur trying to make the world a better place. guy has been creating inventions and products since he was a little boy.
Jason Yakubovich- Jason has been in the tech industry for 7 years and is well versed in how to building business to better the world. Jason also specializes in marketing great and useful products for today's everyday use.
Rapid juice came out of a need, we were both having issues with our phones and needed to get a quick charge while being out and about, however there was no quick solution. everytime we went out to concerts, bar  or events we found our batterys always dieing from taking snapchats or checking our soical media apps. So we founded rapid juice to solve the problem of an instant charge without having to hold another charger everytime. We wanted to make something cool and knew there was so many other items our there that can charge your battery, so we tought of this concept that (hey why cant i buy a charger pack in a local deli or store and thorw it away once im done )

  • We are located in the heart of NYC  
  • We are a brand new company founded in 2015 and hope to change the charging era in green and environmentally safe products.
  • Want to contact us directly! Sure call email us guy@rapidjuice.com or jason@rapidjuice.com
  • Check us out on Instagram! @Rapidjuicenyc and share your pics we would love to see them